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Onset Of Fascism Little Noticed In Lead Up To NorCal  Elections



As the November 2018 Election approaches, the continued illegal surveillance of election officials and journalists has been noticed by a few alert Sonoma County residents, even if they weren't sure quite what they were looking at. The vibe of police power gone a muck is oozing its unseemly influence right into the November election. That some Nor Cal politicians are owned by organized crime is a systemic reality. Combined with a Fascist mentality and twenty-first century technology leased out, they are free to practice fascism on vulnerable Nor Cal citizens.


" Fascist Racism: Griffin says, “By its nature fascism is racist,"

Citizen 1, El Verano West

police helicopter last night

Does anyone know why there was a police helicopter with a spotlight in El Verano last night? It woke us up and was shining over our house for a while. Pretty creepy.


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Citizen 2, El Verano·4d agoNew

Was wondering the same thing


Citizen 3, Railroad & Boyes·4d agoNew

Call the cops and ask them. Call the Index Tribune and tell them to find out what's up with a copter hovering over people's houses in the middle of the night.

Citizen 1, El Verano West·4d agoNew

I will when I have time.


Citizen 4, El Verano·4d agoNew

I was wondering the same thing. Super creepy.


Citizen 1, El Verano West·4d agoNew

Yup! Super creepy. I never thought that police helicopters were creepy when I lived in a dangerous city, but in Sonoma, I want to know what was happening!


Citizen 5, Temelec·4d agoNew


Citizen 1, El Verano West·4d agoNew

Finally I saw the alert in my email. I didn’t really appreciate the lag time. They should have let us know there was no further threat.


Citizen 1, El Verano West·3d agoNew

The helicopter did wake my household up, yes it was very creepy to have the lights shining in my windows like there was someone outside of them who I needed to be concerned about. What is your problem with me expressing that concern?


Citizen 1, South Boyes Springs·2d agoNew

The only reason I thanked a post was because of the comment of :

“I wonder where he got that shiner”..

Which to me, was implying that the cops did something wrong and were abusive..


“I am glad we kept the program intact. I know they took a hit (to the budget) and hopefully over the years we can grow the program further,”  Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chairman David Rabbitt said,