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The Petaluma Police Department performs their duty well, protecting the public night and day. So citizens may feel amiss in criticizing them even the slightest bit. For of such is the stuff of heroes made. Yet if elements of the Petaluma Police force accept money to harass private citizens. Then those affected may well begin to question if more stringent methods of policing the police aren’t in order.

Organized Crime has infiltrated the Petaluma Police Department. Unfortunately that also goes for most high places in Sonoma County Law Enforcement and local government too has a matter of fact.

But whose facts will you believe? The widespread use of smart phone technology –everybody’s got a camera these days-- increasingly has placed the practices of local organizations like the Petaluma Police Department in the glaring light of truth. As opposed to what goes in the daily logs, what the Petaluma Police Department routinely covers up is their collusion with organized crime. The department routinely arranges false accidents that take up their budget slack with their cuts from the subsequent false auto insurance claims.

The systemic corruption of the Petaluma Police Department is illustrated by the callous destruction of a brilliant law enforcement officer by the City powers.  

Don’t for a moment believe that the Petaluma Fire Department isn’t also in for a piece of the illegal action. Their chief’s Twitter feed is awash with instructions on how to dodge any future corruption investigations.