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Illegal Surveillance Commonplace in Sonoma: Helicopter Activity

Posted by [email protected] on August 10, 2018 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Illegal surveillance practiced at will in sonoma 1 from cops on nuts dott comm on Vimeo.

Helicopter Activity

Sonoma resident 1:

Does anyone know why we have a helicopter circling the west side of down town Sonoma between 1:45 - 2:00 am on August 3? Just curious.

3 Aug · 37 neighborhoods in Crime & Safety




Illegal surveillance in sonoma 2 from cops on nuts dott comm on Vimeo.

Sonoma resident 2: The East Side·3 Aug

It’s been on the east side as well. Very big and very loud. Not sure why.

3 Aug

Illegal surveillance in sonoma 3 from cops on nuts dott comm on Vimeo.

Sonoma resident 3: Well, I can't imagine why a helo would operate at a low altitude that early in the a.m.

Sonoma resident 4: West Side Sonoma·6d ago

Ive heard some conspiracy theories on that.  never know unless you’re out with binoculars...

Sonoma resident 3: 6d ago

Over the past year 1 to 3 helos have hovered over S.F. in the

vicinity of Dolores Park and close to Civic Center. We have had

a direct view of these machines from San Bruno Mt. The

aircraft get into one position at about 1,000 ft. MSL and soak up

much gas so as to look at something or quickly respond to

emergency and train their cameras on same. This activity

usually occurs at dusk and continues well into the evening.

Um, it's a "puzzlement", as famous lyric goes.

"I'm very proud of what we do here," pilot Paul Bradley.


Illegal surveillance in sonoma 4 from cops on nuts dott comm on Vimeo.

Sonoma resident 5: 6d ago

wrong, it's illegal surveillance

Sonoma resident 3: I did take a good look

out our back window last night to determine if one or two of

those machines are still taking their 'assigned' posts

most every evening. Oh yeah, a single 'traffic/news"

type helo was sitting right on his coordinates. One would

never detect him w/o seeing his nav lights. Again,

who or what entity has the $ to pick up the tab for

what has got to be VERY expensive air time?

Sonoma resident 5: What am I looking at?


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Sonoma resident 6: What the hell is it?


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Sonoma resident 7: Late last night, around 10:30, in Santa Rosa, and I noticed these lights. They were in four different places over and around Santa Rosa. When you zoom in on them with the camera there were multiple lights in a circle. When you change the resolution you can see the shape behind one set of Lights. They were not moving, so not a plane. They will way up in the air so not a reflection of any kind, and we saw one in North West Santa Rosa one in South East Santa Rosa, one out over Windsor area, and the other was straight above Korbel. Neither of us were high or drinking. Just freaky looking lights

Illegal surveillance practiced in sonoma 5 from cops on nuts dott comm on Vimeo.

Meet the New Sheriff, Same as the Old Sheriff

Posted by [email protected] on October 16, 2017 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)
The Sonoma County Sheriff has a new black patrol car. Black as his heart Black as those whose routine murders it is his responsibility to oversee as part of an occult white supremacist thing. His job is to, while of course overseeing mundane police duties, sweep the occasional murder of a minority under the carpet. In his duel role as coroner, it's a breeze. A mere shuffling of papers. Black as the obscured vision of the public to the clear and present danger it presents and represents The new black has no room for the cheerfulness of orange. Take the phony "oversight panel" for instance. Black as the Sheriffi's balance sheet after gutting its funding For true investigations of the Sheriffs real behind the scenes and in the private chambers of law enforcement actions could NEVER stand up to the honest scrutiny of the public. That's why the latest Sheriff's atrocity was shuffled to a FELLOW CORRUPT SHERIFF in Marin for white washing. One Hand Washes the Other Hand Place your bets on the political web site: Here's a hot topic for you and a prediction, the next time the Marin Sheriff is in trouble for his latest atrocity, that case will also be shuffled off to the fair and balanced judgement of the "impartial" fellow corrupt public official. One hand washes the other hand. Another member of the clan of corrupt public officials controlling sonoma county and beyond. Consider the fires of late an unfortunate judgement upon their reign. What is accomplished in secret has been openly punished.

Smart Train Executive Farhad Mansourian Linked to Terrorism

Posted by [email protected] on October 5, 2017 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)
The way that Farhad Mansourian terrorized the Novato Fire Official out of filing his six million dollar law suit is a testament to the harassment and browbeating of his underlings that has become his trademark. And that's one coverup that won't go away. That has made it more easy for the public to believe that he really could be selling the use of the Fire Department equipment and manpower to the uses of organized crime for his own personal gain. Check out his "lifestyles of the rich and famous" lifestyle. Forged on the backs of Sonoma County taxpayers. Making it still more convincing is the fact of the results of a new geneological study coming out of a well regarded ancestry research site that shows some distinct boll weevils lurking in that family tree of his. On Mansourian's father's side, there's Spokesman Asad Mansour, a clear resemblance to his cousin's drive, who also did well representing his employers, the Pakistani Taliban. Then from Mr. Mansourian's mother's side comes his fierce independent streak, where he is a kin of Khalid Masood, of the Houses of Parliament in fame. Also known as "Father Superior" for his condescending attitude towards the members of the press, especially minorities, Mansourian was said to have been paid to subvert his authority over the Fire Department to help sponsor a sort of domestic terrorism lite where the fire vehicles' sirens and flashing warning lights were used over and over as a harassment against the individual targeted by his criminal benefactors. Significant Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Sonoma City and County Fire Department resources were deployed in return for new monies in private bank accounts of questionable origins and new pick up trucks for the Fire Chiefs. Overinflated contracts, bogus overtime and sick pay were awarded by city councils that looked the other way. Through bought politicians like Mansourian and the disgraced Sheriff Freitas, organized crime has long had its tentacles in the very heart of the poorly secured coffers of the various treasuries of Sonoma county government, which they have coopted by holding them hostage to ever more powerful unions, ala hitler's germany. To allow a person to simultaneously hold the position of Sheriff and Coroner is handing them a blank check for murder. Sooner or later someone will cash it. Try sooner as in the case of Andy Lopez. Corruption is so entrenched there that if it were somehow, miraculously removed, the whole machinery of local governance in Northern California would likely come to a grinding hault.

Sonoma County Sheriff's Department Nips Nascent Oversight Committee

Posted by [email protected] on September 27, 2017 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)
Like their biased law enforcement brethren in the deep South and the show me state, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department has found an effective administrative solution to the thorny problem of political correctness. As if the band aid solution of a powerless oversight committee to address the ongoing atrocities regularly inflicted upon minorities by the gallant men of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department wasn't enough of a slap in the face for a community grieving over the lost life of a teenager struck down for carrying a toy rifle without benefit of a warning shot. No, as a final and lasting act of contempt for the taxpayers that pay his salary, Sheriff Freitas made sure to pull the funding on even this farscical display of the tail once again wagging the dog.

Police, Fire and Ambulance Sirens Blaring for Whims Rather than for True Public Emergencies Rampant in Sonoma County

Posted by [email protected] on July 6, 2017 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

What's with the air raid sirens?
Hello All,
I just moved here from L.A and now live near Ragle park off Bodega Ave.

Anyone know what the deal is with the air raid sirens I keep hearing? Is there a schedule? Are we under attack?

Ask Residents of Graton, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa and the City of Sonoma if they often hear police, fire and ambulance services tooting their respective horns for no apparent reason or in connection with any discernable emergency and the answer is often a resounding YES!”

Is it just macho showboating? Or something more akin to corruption?

The use of sirens on whims rather than for actual public emergencies is widespread.

Like the boy who cried wolf, the inundating of the public’s consciousness with the oft repeated siren’s cries means that when a really serious emergency occurs, the public will be so used to their piercing strains that it will have little effect and great injuries may be sustained because of citizens’ not heeding the shrill warnings.

Re: What's with the air raid sirens? And it isn't JUST at noon (although you can certainly count on that one). It seems to blow at various and sundry times, sometimes 2-3 times in one day. I can't believe that there are that many fires around Graton (at least I hope not!). On what other occasions is it customary for the Graton siren to sound (births, deaths, winning the Lotto...what!??!)? Can we please hear from someone who has inside info?? Thanks!

calafia wrote: it is the Graton fire department .

People and their vehicles will be therefore less inclined to give way and observe traffic laws such as pulling over to the right side of the road to allow the safe and speedy passage for the first responders to emergencies.

Re: What's with the air raid sirens? It seems a little like the boy who cried wolf. I mean, when something major happens, we are all going to think... "Na... that's just the silly Graton Fire Dept. celebrating a birthday. I think I'll just sit back, pour myself a nice beverage here BANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!SCREAMING!!! MAYHEM! AHHHHHHHHHHH!


What could be the reason for the watering down of this valuable safe habit?

It is almost as if the police, sheriff and fire departments have another separate and secret agenda apart from their beneficent public face, a much more unseemly one.

One belying the trust the taxpayers have placed in them. The families of the many innocent blacks gunned down by police officers --for DECADES if not longer-- for blood sport and as a kind of rite of passage and as an “entry into the fraternity of the brotherhood of police officers” would probably have little trouble believing the former.

The routine misuse of city and county public service vehicles for private interests is now systemic. The arbitrary sounding of their sirens for joyriding and worse, for the harassment of private citizens for great sums of cash, sweetheart deals on fancy luxury cars and trucks, real estate and fancy vacations or unlimited unqualified and the quite illegal awarding of overtime are only some of the creative accounting used by organized crime to bilk the city and maintain a private security force manned by the local police, sheriffs and fire departments. 

Explaining Away Systemic Corruption in Sonoma County Fire Department Heirachy

Posted by [email protected] on December 4, 2016 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

With the authority given to Cal Fire Chiefs, gaining their favor is not a cheap proposition. That that favor is even for sale is a matter for the individual fire chief and his maker, or for a budding investigative reporter. To play the devil's advocate, what if a given fire chief was somehow bought and paid for by an organized criminal interest? What harm or mischief might he really be able to perpetrate? What could a Fire Chief even do to earn a fancy new car, free rent or that luxurious once in a lifetime vacation that would even be of service or interest to a thriving criminal concern?

For one they have the power to:

· Redirect traffic- and assume control thereof by roaring through intersections in huge trucks at their pleasure while blaring sirens and flashing spotlights at will.

· Gouge property owners- the California Fire Prevention Fee of $117 and change transferred huge wealth to Fire Department coffers. A representative of Gerber and overseer of Cal Fire decried the hoarding and questioned what the Fire Chiefs are saving the money for, to pad their retirement accounts? Elected officials soon began raising concerns about the unspent balances.

Weston, a former Cal Fire unit chief who pays the fire prevention charge, said there’s no excuse for all of the unspent money in the fund.

“Statewide, they’re collecting $75 million (a year), during one of the worst droughts, in one of worst fire seasons, and the best thing would have been to add a bunch of inspectors. They didn’t do that,” Weston said. 

· Drain City and County Treasuries- Sonoma County fire agency leadership, ignoring the huge tax surplus of over forty million dollars already collected from the above, united to demand further encroachments upon tax weary Sonoma County residents. An advisory group of fire agency leaders poised to select a plan that will be short on details but likely will call for millions of dollars in additional funding.

The guiding principle behind most mergers is to consolidate resources in order to save money. Not throwing it away on expensive studies by high priced think tanks whose recommendations could have more cheaply and easily been made by a free Google search. Or on brand new pickup trucks, bonuses and lavish parties for the fire cheifs, fancy new state of the art, and untried fire equipment. Without even the slightest effort at achieving cost reductions. When less expensive alternatives are always an option, assuming that they are even being considered.

Max Ming, fire chief for Russian River and Forestville, displayed zero concern for the beleaguered Sonoma County taxpayer. Near bragging about his and his fellow fire chiefs profligate spending, “our plan is much bigger and more expensive.” One of the few items that the eighty-fire chief adviser group could agree upon was that there was unanimous support for a proposal to seek more money from the county to fund fire services. There was no contention over the decision to seek the money, Fire officials, however, are seeking far more money than the county has set aside for fire services.

State Sen. Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber, who sits on the budget subcommittee that oversees Cal Fire, rejected the idea that the fire fund’s large reserve reflects prudence. “They’re hoarding it,” he said. “What for, I don’t know.”


Charles Rose- They collected $300 million. How much went to overhead? How about a list of the board members and who they are connected to?

The board seats are patronage posts for "the connected ones", probably pulling down $150K a year for a once a month meeting. And probably a once a year meeting in Maui where wildfires are rampant.

Dave Anderson- Like a losing NFL team its time to get rid of everybody and re-build Cal Fire.

Lamont Cranston- The Fire Tax is just that a Tax its not a fee, its an illegal tax under prop 13. Fire Prevention? Nobody knows what that is? Classroom adventures? Every home owner has to clean up their property and with the tax we have to pay for the clean up of state land. We can't even use state land but we the people are required to pay for its fire prevention? No one is ever getting a refund the state made sure of that its just crooked politics. California is a single party rule democratic dictatorship. This years fires just go show that fire prevention didn't work. All that tax is, is a poll tax.

Carol Krueger- Another Tax {extortion} not being used for what they promised.

Chris Yeager- So the new fees provisioned more spending and many of the People that paid for it got nothing.. Nothing new here...

Fielding Mellish Dwimby- before they ask for more money they need to cut the overhead and trim the amount of redundant management. That's where all the infighting is going on with the "70 fire fighting leaders" Reduce the panel to 5-10 leaders then some progress will be made.

Misternomer- "The new plan is short on details"

"But service won't change"

"It is likely to cost additional millions"

That was the opening three paragraphs...

What could go wronge?

CountryBoy707- So I'd like to know the exact level of service increase Sonoma County residents will get given the $10 million dollar investment.

Davis Lawson CountryBoy707- $10 million dollars worth of verbal commitments, procedural evaluations, advertised response improvements.. ...and excuses.

troll hunter- Look up firefighter salaries and compensation packages on transparent it's easy to see why they are " woefully under funded" they simply need more volunteers and to operate on less money and stop throwing money at already wealthy public employees

Sonoma Valley Airport to Close: Zoning Violations Blamed

Posted by [email protected] on March 19, 2016 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)

President of Vintage Aircraft Company and owner of Sonoma Valley Airport Poses as Volunteer

CHRIS PREVOST Sonoma, CA Chris is president of Vintage Aircraft Company and owner of Sonoma Valley Airport. He has been licensed for 30 years with a commercial pilot certificate, instrument rated, and has more than 12,000 hours of flight time and is a licensed Airframe & Powerplant mechanic. 

In 1981 he began offering scenic and aerobatic rides in historic military training aircraft (Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydets and North American Texan SNJ-4).

CHRIS PREVOST: "Since I volunteer at the airport every weekend, I happened to be present for the telling of this 'fish tale'."

He left that part out of the press release. It was mind boggling. Chris is president of Vintage Aircraft Company and owner of Sonoma Valley Airport, where as such he "generously donates" his precious time as a "Volunteer" there.


"The basic problem is public safety," said Prevost.

CHRIS PREVOST Sonoma, CA Now he's struggling to stay. Safety issues could force state aviation authorities to shut him down and in the spirit of taking full responsibility like a man, he says his neighbor is to blame.

Sonoma Valley Airport allowed to continue operations despite proven unsafe conditions

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Pilots Continue to fly in and out of the Sonoma Valley Airport despite the acknowledged inherent danger to the public on both sides of the fence.


The fence slices through an area that should be kept clear to give planes extra space in an emergency.

Centerline Lights: No No

Touchdown Lights: No No

Obstruction: 90 ft tree, 1415.0 ft from runway, 60 ft right of centerline, 13:1 slope to clear , 20:1 slope to clear

The Department of Transportation sent the airport a letter giving notice that the fence is a violation of the California Public Utilities code.

Sonoma Valley Airport PILOTS! ALERT!

Freshwater trout pond near southwest corner of the airport nearby threshold of Runway 35 is a bird and wildlife attractant and can affect approach and departure from both runways 17-35 and 07-25.

Pilots should ensure runways are clear of birds before takeoff and landing.

Don Smith sits on the county Airport Land Use Commission, advises the Board Of Supervisors. His concern is that the additional pond will bring more birds and increase the chance of an accident.

That's what happened to pilot Greg Baer. Just as he was about to liftoff in February, a large goose smacked his plane. "It made a huge, huge thud, there's no mistaking that I hit something. It definitely opened my eyes to how bad it could be," said Baer.

"This is what scares me. Is it going to take somebody gets killed before we react to this?" said Smith.

TOM MORRIS Vallejo, CA  Now a pilot for 37 years, Tom has a commercial pilot certificate and more than 2,000 hours of flight time, most in antique airplanes. "Hanging out at the airport," which he admits he lives for, has given Tom opportunities to fly more than 60 makes and models of aircraft.

Tom's "day job" as a Principal Engineer for Bay Area Rapid Transit District keeps his engineering skills honed for his other passion -- restoring antique aircraft. Tom has been flying for Vintage Aircraft Company for many years and delights in joy every time a big Vintage Aircraft radial engine starts to rumble.

Their Address is 23982 Arnold Drive Sonoma, CA 95476 Phone: 707-938-2444

General Information: [email protected]

There's a possibility that they will say you can't fly from here anymore and that screws up your whole retirement setup... and life just falls apart," said Copp.

Photography: Sheryl Carlucci, Roger Cain, Selbourne Brown, Mike Shreeve, Denis Arbeau

FLYING EXPERIENCES SINCE 1975, But the clock is ticking for the airport. The Department of Transportation will review their operating permit before the end of the year. By then, the Department of Transportation could shut them down.

Saturdays and Sunday, walk-in, no appointment needed or taken Monday, Thursday and Friday by appointment (flights are always weather permitting) Closed Tuesday & Wednesday


What Their Customers Say

"log fence across the runway safety zone."

Lillie C. o Sonoma, CA My experience with the Vintage Aircraft Company was really bad. Right from the customer service staff to the pilots, all were thoroughly unprofessional. Once we paid for the flight, there was hardly anyone to guide us through. We were ushered into the craft, and the pilot was anything but courteous. The whole excitement of having an aerial view of the Sonoma Valley just frizzled away. I felt unsafe.



TJ S. o Port Huron, MI 16 reviews • According to their website, the Vintage Aircraft Company offers their space for private events. I've contacted them twice for pricing information, once over the phone and once in person and months later have yet to receive anything.

Scott R. o Santa Cruz, CA o 26 friends o 55 reviews • My fiance took me here as part of a surprise trip to Sonoma. This place is really laid back. There's a pilot hanging out waiting for clients, it's all very low key. For the $400+ that my fiance was spending on this very exciting trip, the staff and pilot were fairly non-interested.

In fact, as we were first loading into the plane, the pilot barely acknowledged us as he got in.

2) the flight didn't actually even take us out to the ocean. We were flown within a couple miles of the coast, then the pilot turned around and headed back to Sonoma. Based on the description of the flight, I thought we would actually get out *over* the ocean, fly out to Point Reyes itself, and maybe fly down somewhat low over point Reyes and the coast. Not at all. In actuality, we never got lower than several hundred feet and as I mentioned, were still a couple miles from the coast.

Advice #1) It's an expensive 40 minutes, no doubt.

Advice #2) If 40-minutes is barely enough time to get just short of the coast straight West (Pt. Reyes) and back (plus a few minutes of wine country), I find it very hard to see how they could "fly along the coast down to the San Francisco skyline and back".

jeanne b. o San Francisco, CA These people have poor attitudes in that they are unfriendly and don't like to answer educational questions about the planes. The biggest concern was the comfort of the owner. Also the woman working spent a lot of time barking at visitors and kids. Ride is short and pricey. And it seems they just want your money to keep the boss and his hobby happy. Take a hot air balloon ride instead!!

Falck - or the 900-pound gorilla no one is aware of

Posted by [email protected] on March 8, 2016 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Falck has bought out some large regional EMS agencies in the last year or so.


Care Ambulance

LifeStar Response (and their own acquisitions).

There's also a Falck Northern CA - not sure if that's a startup or was someone else.

In addition, Falck owns Falck Alford, which provides safety training and staffing, primarily for the oil industry, out of Louisiana. And it would appear that G4S is at least partially owned by Falck as well... That means Wackenhut is part of this too. Looking at the big picture a this company makes AMR and Rural Metro look like pimples. 

Danno Education:Paramedic

From what i've read on here and heard in the field, morale at CARE has gone down since they've taken over.

If I were Fire I'd be a little nervous about them trying to totally take over,

Chimpie said: ↑


Well, okay, i'm in California, and some of us are really out of this world, but seriously, it just doesn't add up.


Falck recently acquired the contract with Evergreen in Kirkland.. Anddddd apparently they've been "blacklisted" by a number of FDs. Snohomish county FDs had a meeting and they all decided not to use them


I wouldn't be surprised if they have already pissed off the fire departments though.


My gut feeling is they are slowly buying Rural / Metro. If you read some of the press realeases they are taking over Rural / Metro areas.


They are expanding here in WA and quite frankly from what I have seen I am not impressed. I talked to one of their CCT RN's when he couldn't get into the hospital and he was completely clueless. Looked about 50, couldn't grasp the door code even though I told him about 5 times (and yes I told him the correct code), uniform was filthy and he was missing teeth. Watched him try to load a patient and he couldn't figure out the stretcher.


Negative Outlook By Former Employees of North Bay Ambulance Company Verihealth/Falck

Posted by [email protected] on March 8, 2016 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (9)

Company Overview

As per the transaction announced on May 3, 2013, Verihealth Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Falck USA Holdings, Inc.

Key Executives For Verihealth Inc.

Verihealth Inc. does not have any Key Executives recorded.

Gary Tennyson is the CEO of verihealth, Inc., which he founded in 2000.  Gary is a longtime Sonoma County resident.


[–]markofshameCA EMT-B  

Laid off employees were told at that time that they would be first rehired when hiring was reopened. This was the case for at least 4 of 35 or so laid off. Falck has since hired new employees, with the majority of the founding group still dissolved. When they shuttered my station, we were worried

[–]no_curtisySF CA Medic

Mixed feelings about Falck. When they moved into NC, several people at the ambulance company I was working at, including my station's general manager left to go to Falck with the promise of better benefits. Falck then purchased VeriHealth and then laid off a large portion of their staff out of nowhere. They haven't won any big contracts that I'm aware of and i get the sense that they are still struggling to get a foot hold.



Following acquisition of VeriHealth in March, Falck Northern California has fired CEO Steve Lewis, COO Bill Snell, and replaced them with CEO Gary Tennyson and COO Sean Sullivan of VeriHealth. Effective July 12, 2013, EMTs, nurses, dispatchers, operations personnel, and remaining leadership from Falck Northern California startup (all prior to VeriHealth acquisiton) have been terminated from employment. Of the initial Falck startup, only approximately 6 personnel (all EMTs, 5 in San Mateo, 1 in Contra Costa) remain. The entire Contra Costa station has been shut down, and call volume has been distributed to rigs from other counties. The Falck brand ambulances from Contra Costa were then distributed to the Falck/VeriHealth San Mateo station and served as replacement rigs for old VeriHealth employees, while all but 5 EMTs from Falck startup were terminated from San Mateo station at time of the Contra Costa closure. The VeriHealth organization is attempting to continue running the Falck brand as if nothing has changed since startup in September 2012, but this is far from the case.

The sad part is that those laid off were the people who started Falck Northern California. They were sold on the vision of Steve Lewis, marketed their own company, developed a reputation, and came to Falck from other companies of the area. People gave up good jobs, seniority, and a host of other things to help make Falck happen, and then were laid off with no notice and two weeks severance. Falck employees have much better benefits and higher pay than those of VeriHealth, and speculation is that this was the reason Falck field personnel were released and VeriHealth were not. VerHealth dispatchers were also released, but no field personnel were affected.

 "Falck Northern California"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee in San Francisco, CA


Negative Outlook

I worked at verihealth full-time (More than a year)

"Falck Northern California"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee in San Francisco, CA


Terrible managers. They would hire people for one station and "give them the opportunity" to work somewhere else. They hired one person living in Jackson to work in Sacramento, and then made her work in Concord, which is over 2 hours away. They hired a bunch of new EMTs to work in Concord, with no intentions of telling them they were moving the station almost an hour south in less than a month.


Brian Hubbell, the Bay general manager makes false promises to everyone and can't be trusted.


No stairchairs! They have like, one stairchair for each region.


The supervisors don't like to listen to the Medics and EMT's in the field. "We need a lift assist," shouldn't have to be a debate with a supervisor.

Advice to Management

Don't let managers lie to employees or make promises they can't keep.

Other Falck Aquisitions


Is this recent development a sign of how Falck does business? What about the good people who work at Care in OC/LA/Riverside? Was this shake up necessary to shed weight for the company due to low call volume? I don't like what I'm seeing. What is Falck's goal for EMS in the US?

Aug 2, 2013 

The people that started it are being dissolved, and the Falck name and operation is continuing with VeriHealth personnel. The Falck startup was a failure, and they're keeping that private by putting their name on another company. I have copies of layoff notices and memos, I just can't post them until I have 5 posts... Tried to send copies to Hunter but same problem.



Allegations of Misconduct by Local Law Enforcement Agencies Continue

Posted by [email protected] on December 29, 2015 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Petaluma Chief of Highway Patrol


Police Chief of El Cerrito


Just the considering of such titles commands respect and admiration of the community for all of the historical good works that previous owners of the titles achieved. So it becomes all the more difficult for readers to believe that these public officials would accept money to create false emergencies.


These are done to intimidate their enemies, whom for whatever reason might be marked for such treatment. Clever schemes like police setting up false traffic stops to inflict psychological trauma upon their enemies. That is done by a constant occurrence of police and fire vehicles operating their sirens and warning lights as a form of ongoing harassment.


Organized crime interests from New York have infiltrated:

· Sonoma, Napa, Petaluma, Santa Rosa Highway Patrols

· El Cerrito Police

· Santa Rosa Police

· Rohnert Park Police

· SSU Police

· Cotati Police

· Sonoma County Sheriffs

· Healdsburg Police

· Santa Rosa Fire Department

· Sonoma Fire Department

· Rohnert Park Fire Department

· San Francisco Fire Department

· San Francisco Police 

· Napa Police

· Napa Fire Department 

These public servants, who are only part time criminals, are so good at what they do that --through the accumulation of wealth and various combinations-- they have established their own sort of quasi-government within the" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties of the United States bureaucracy and law enforcement agencies.