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Extraordinary Corruption Systemic at Sonoma County Sheriff Department Under Steve Freitas

Posted by [email protected] on October 27, 2015 at 9:50 PM

Video of excessive force and brutality used in an arrest of a middle-aged Santa Rosa woman by Sonoma County Sheriff's Deputy Charles Blount directly contradicted the officer's sworn statement and court testimony. 


In the Line of Duty: Minorities as Target Practice

It's a conspiracy that allows and even encourages such indulgences. Instances have even been noted of police officers receiving cash and prizes after gunning down an African American "in the line of duty."


In the twenty-first century, where almost everyone has a camera, only now are the institutionalized racist policies of the police across the United States in their selective use of deadly force becoming self-evident.


Now that these atrocities which are regularly committed by members of the police, sheriff, fire departments and other public entities are being documented by citizen journalists --thanks to the ubiquitous use of smart phones-- what is coming to light is that, instead of enforcing the law as written, some police chiefs also enforce the kind of selective and slight of hand racial hatred America is becoming infamous for.


In light of what is now becoming known through such crime scene photos taken by citizen journalists about the discriminatory enforcement of the law by the police. It's time to reexamine all cases of police killings of minorities in the course of their duties.


American Public Let Down By Its Clergy, Police, Fire Chiefs

Just as some catholic priests have likely been having sex with their choirboys since time immemorial. So too police chiefs and their minions have been accepting bribes from organized crime and supervising a culture that secretly rewards police for using blacks and other minorities for target practice.


Do you for a moment believe that these same white police chiefs -- who throughout the decades have always backed up white police officers' use of deadly force upon African Americans for trivial infractions.-- would ever initiate a reexamination of the routine killing of black citizens in such a manner by the police during the pre smart phone era?


Unfortunately, racist cops are enforcing a style of "Public Safety" skewered by the whims of organized crime, one where blacks are targeted for deadly force. To add insult to injury, when these matters are adjudicated, the prejudiced leanings of associated police chiefs, County Sheriffs and fire chiefs often dictate the outcome against their minority victims.


Against the artifices of experienced crime fighters, the general public usually has little way of knowing when their public servants have gone into business for themselves. One way to detect the condition of corruption is to examine an official's lifestyle and expenditures.


What college do their kids attend, what kind of car does he or she drive, where do they vacation and so on. Another weapon of the private citizen against corruption is their vote. Voting corrupt public officials like Sheriff Freitas out of office is a good start.


Stamp Out Corruption: Vote Incumbent Sheriffs, Chief of Police and Fire Chiefs Out of Office

Voters must take matters into their own hands to vote in all new sheriffs, police and fire chiefs at every opportunity. It won't guaranty a corruption free police force but it will get their attention.


New blood is essential to staving off the tide of the current deplorable treatment of minorities by entrenched bigots controlling the offices of the sheriff and police departments throughout the land.


Otherwise the former will continue unabated their contracting out of public resources and manpower to organized crime interests for fancy vacations, luxury cars, cash payments and more for themselves.


If they ever were cornered for their corrupt activities and forced into an explanation, they no doubt to a man and woman would expound heartfelt regrets and explain that they did it all for their family.


Those vested public servants are often so far above reproach that no one dare call into question their faithful service. But doesn't make them the best persons to fulfill organized crimes jobs --like cleaning out an armored-car shipment-- without arousing any suspicion?












One clever method practiced by them involves phony traffic stops and staged accidents. These can affect a subtle harassment of targeted individuals, which is then repeated.




Systemic corruption not so clear but very present in:

· Sonoma County Sheriff's Department

· Santa Rosa Police Department

· Sonoma County Highway Patrol

· Petaluma Police Department

· Cotati Police Department

· Rohnert Park Police Department

· SSU Police Department

· Sonoma County Fire Department





















African American Police Officer Who Went Berserk and Killed His Superiors


What provocation might have drove a decorated police officer to such lengths of violence? Was it a simple case of insanity? Or did the police hierarchy systematically abuse the man and his family due to racial prejudices?


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