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Falck - or the 900-pound gorilla no one is aware of

Posted by [email protected] on March 8, 2016 at 10:30 PM

Falck has bought out some large regional EMS agencies in the last year or so.


Care Ambulance

LifeStar Response (and their own acquisitions).

There's also a Falck Northern CA - not sure if that's a startup or was someone else.

In addition, Falck owns Falck Alford, which provides safety training and staffing, primarily for the oil industry, out of Louisiana. And it would appear that G4S is at least partially owned by Falck as well... That means Wackenhut is part of this too. Looking at the big picture a this company makes AMR and Rural Metro look like pimples. 

Danno Education:Paramedic

From what i've read on here and heard in the field, morale at CARE has gone down since they've taken over.

If I were Fire I'd be a little nervous about them trying to totally take over,

Chimpie said: ↑


Well, okay, i'm in California, and some of us are really out of this world, but seriously, it just doesn't add up.


Falck recently acquired the contract with Evergreen in Kirkland.. Anddddd apparently they've been "blacklisted" by a number of FDs. Snohomish county FDs had a meeting and they all decided not to use them


I wouldn't be surprised if they have already pissed off the fire departments though.


My gut feeling is they are slowly buying Rural / Metro. If you read some of the press realeases they are taking over Rural / Metro areas.


They are expanding here in WA and quite frankly from what I have seen I am not impressed. I talked to one of their CCT RN's when he couldn't get into the hospital and he was completely clueless. Looked about 50, couldn't grasp the door code even though I told him about 5 times (and yes I told him the correct code), uniform was filthy and he was missing teeth. Watched him try to load a patient and he couldn't figure out the stretcher.


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