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Police, Fire and Ambulance Sirens Blaring for Whims Rather than for True Public Emergencies Rampant in Sonoma County

Posted by [email protected] on July 6, 2017 at 12:10 AM

What's with the air raid sirens?
Hello All,
I just moved here from L.A and now live near Ragle park off Bodega Ave.

Anyone know what the deal is with the air raid sirens I keep hearing? Is there a schedule? Are we under attack?

Ask Residents of Graton, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa and the City of Sonoma if they often hear police, fire and ambulance services tooting their respective horns for no apparent reason or in connection with any discernable emergency and the answer is often a resounding YES!”

Is it just macho showboating? Or something more akin to corruption?

The use of sirens on whims rather than for actual public emergencies is widespread.

Like the boy who cried wolf, the inundating of the public’s consciousness with the oft repeated siren’s cries means that when a really serious emergency occurs, the public will be so used to their piercing strains that it will have little effect and great injuries may be sustained because of citizens’ not heeding the shrill warnings.

Re: What's with the air raid sirens? And it isn't JUST at noon (although you can certainly count on that one). It seems to blow at various and sundry times, sometimes 2-3 times in one day. I can't believe that there are that many fires around Graton (at least I hope not!). On what other occasions is it customary for the Graton siren to sound (births, deaths, winning the Lotto...what!??!)? Can we please hear from someone who has inside info?? Thanks!

calafia wrote: it is the Graton fire department .

People and their vehicles will be therefore less inclined to give way and observe traffic laws such as pulling over to the right side of the road to allow the safe and speedy passage for the first responders to emergencies.

Re: What's with the air raid sirens? It seems a little like the boy who cried wolf. I mean, when something major happens, we are all going to think... "Na... that's just the silly Graton Fire Dept. celebrating a birthday. I think I'll just sit back, pour myself a nice beverage here BANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!SCREAMING!!! MAYHEM! AHHHHHHHHHHH!


What could be the reason for the watering down of this valuable safe habit?

It is almost as if the police, sheriff and fire departments have another separate and secret agenda apart from their beneficent public face, a much more unseemly one.

One belying the trust the taxpayers have placed in them. The families of the many innocent blacks gunned down by police officers --for DECADES if not longer-- for blood sport and as a kind of rite of passage and as an “entry into the fraternity of the brotherhood of police officers” would probably have little trouble believing the former.

The routine misuse of city and county public service vehicles for private interests is now systemic. The arbitrary sounding of their sirens for joyriding and worse, for the harassment of private citizens for great sums of cash, sweetheart deals on fancy luxury cars and trucks, real estate and fancy vacations or unlimited unqualified and the quite illegal awarding of overtime are only some of the creative accounting used by organized crime to bilk the city and maintain a private security force manned by the local police, sheriffs and fire departments. 

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