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Smart Train Executive Farhad Mansourian Linked to Terrorism

Posted by [email protected] on October 5, 2017 at 5:30 PM
The way that Farhad Mansourian terrorized the Novato Fire Official out of filing his six million dollar law suit is a testament to the harassment and browbeating of his underlings that has become his trademark. And that's one coverup that won't go away. That has made it more easy for the public to believe that he really could be selling the use of the Fire Department equipment and manpower to the uses of organized crime for his own personal gain. Check out his "lifestyles of the rich and famous" lifestyle. Forged on the backs of Sonoma County taxpayers. Making it still more convincing is the fact of the results of a new geneological study coming out of a well regarded ancestry research site that shows some distinct boll weevils lurking in that family tree of his. On Mansourian's father's side, there's Spokesman Asad Mansour, a clear resemblance to his cousin's drive, who also did well representing his employers, the Pakistani Taliban. Then from Mr. Mansourian's mother's side comes his fierce independent streak, where he is a kin of Khalid Masood, of the Houses of Parliament in fame. Also known as "Father Superior" for his condescending attitude towards the members of the press, especially minorities, Mansourian was said to have been paid to subvert his authority over the Fire Department to help sponsor a sort of domestic terrorism lite where the fire vehicles' sirens and flashing warning lights were used over and over as a harassment against the individual targeted by his criminal benefactors. Significant Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Sonoma City and County Fire Department resources were deployed in return for new monies in private bank accounts of questionable origins and new pick up trucks for the Fire Chiefs. Overinflated contracts, bogus overtime and sick pay were awarded by city councils that looked the other way. Through bought politicians like Mansourian and the disgraced Sheriff Freitas, organized crime has long had its tentacles in the very heart of the poorly secured coffers of the various treasuries of Sonoma county government, which they have coopted by holding them hostage to ever more powerful unions, ala hitler's germany. To allow a person to simultaneously hold the position of Sheriff and Coroner is handing them a blank check for murder. Sooner or later someone will cash it. Try sooner as in the case of Andy Lopez. Corruption is so entrenched there that if it were somehow, miraculously removed, the whole machinery of local governance in Northern California would likely come to a grinding hault.

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