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Meet the New Sheriff, Same as the Old Sheriff

Posted by [email protected] on October 16, 2017 at 3:15 PM
The Sonoma County Sheriff has a new black patrol car. Black as his heart Black as those whose routine murders it is his responsibility to oversee as part of an occult white supremacist thing. His job is to, while of course overseeing mundane police duties, sweep the occasional murder of a minority under the carpet. In his duel role as coroner, it's a breeze. A mere shuffling of papers. Black as the obscured vision of the public to the clear and present danger it presents and represents The new black has no room for the cheerfulness of orange. Take the phony "oversight panel" for instance. Black as the Sheriffi's balance sheet after gutting its funding For true investigations of the Sheriffs real behind the scenes and in the private chambers of law enforcement actions could NEVER stand up to the honest scrutiny of the public. That's why the latest Sheriff's atrocity was shuffled to a FELLOW CORRUPT SHERIFF in Marin for white washing. One Hand Washes the Other Hand Place your bets on the political web site: Here's a hot topic for you and a prediction, the next time the Marin Sheriff is in trouble for his latest atrocity, that case will also be shuffled off to the fair and balanced judgement of the "impartial" fellow corrupt public official. One hand washes the other hand. Another member of the clan of corrupt public officials controlling sonoma county and beyond. Consider the fires of late an unfortunate judgement upon their reign. What is accomplished in secret has been openly punished.

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